During Calendar Year 2023, Loudoun County and Aldie Volunteer Fire Department-owned units assigned to our fire station were dispatched to incidents 1012 times
By Aldie Volunteer Fire Department Official
January 1, 2024

Some incidents were as close as our station, and our longest emergency response was 39.6 miles one way to a mountain fire in West Virginia.

Incident counts may be found on our website, www.aldiefire.org

We were on the road a bit for training, traveling all over the state and region. We also hosted our annual UTV training class for public safety personnel in spring, which was attended by personnel from Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. This training was led by a certified VFIS instructor from our department, and was held at the Aldie United Methodist Church, our station, and on nearby mountain trails owned by local citizens who graciously allowed us to use their property to train our students!

Our thanks to Loudoun County Fire and Rescue county career staff assigned to our station, Loudoun County government, our volunteers, and our community for their continued support, and we look forward to working with all in the coming year!